By Anas Bouargane

Quality assurance goes in hand with any successful software release, as prior to making the digital solution available to the target audience, the development team needs to ensure a smooth user experience.Usually, it all starts with one or two QA engineers in a team who write the testing scenarios and manually follow them, again and again, to make sure that a feature or a component corresponds to the requirements, and there are no bugs on the way.

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Why testing is vital to securing modern enterprises [Q&A]

By Ian Barker

Security testing has gained in visibility in recent years and can undoubtedly help improve the security posture of a business.But cybercriminals frequently shift tactics and develop new ideas, so testers can’t afford to stand still and must keep up with and anticipate trends. We spoke to Ed Williams, director of Trustwave SpiderLabs EMEA, which has released an ebook on the importance of security testing, to discuss why businesses need to employ an integrated approach to security management that pays less attention to where data and assets live and more to the best way to protect them.

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How to Overcome Web Test Automation Challenges

By Amit Sikka

Web Test Automation is transforming software development for the better. Automation empowers test teams to easily prepare test data, execute complex test cases across multiple platforms rapidly and accurately, and catch defects early on in the development cycle. Modern-day test automation solutions benefit organizations in multiple ways; when used correctly, such solutions can boost a test team’s productivity, enhance software quality and accelerate time to market.

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The Open Testing Platform

By Wayne Ariola

This is a rather unique time in the evolution of software testing. Teams worldwide are facing new challenges associated with working from home. Digital transformation initiatives are placing unprecedented pressure on innovation. Speed is the new currency for software development and testing.

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Essential Testing Solutions For Accurate Cross Browser Testing results

By Fawad Malik

Owing to the super dynamic application industry, the area where the QA’s suffer the most is cross-browser compatibility. The overwhelming gamut of variations like device – browser combinations, device -os combinations, their updations, screen sizes, form factor, etc makes it a challenging job for QA teams and developers to bring compatibility in applications for the entire devices in the target market.

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