How to adapt your QA strategy for Agile development.

By Sophie Ireland

Most companies these days are adopting Agile methodologies for their product development. With them, development teams are building software in short increments of code sprints, which allows those companies to progress with their development projects more smoothly. As per this report, agile projects are 28% more successful than projects with traditional approaches.

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Tips to Improve a Network Penetration Test

By Fawad Malik

Cyber criminals are increasingly using more complex attacks. If we would like to make sure that we’re assessing our safety efficiently, it’s necessary to replicate the resources, tactics and processes that we utilize in the actual world. The means to do this is by doing a community penetration evaluation, they’re also referred to as Penetration Testing or Pen testing.

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How to test micro apps

By Gerie Owen

IT organizations that can simplify development and improve performance see big benefits. One way to get there is micro applications, which can help cut costs and speed projects to delivery. A micro app performs a limited number of specific functions. For example, Google Hangouts and Facebook Messenger are micro apps that provide one specialized function of Gmail and Facebook, respectively.

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The Importance of Combinatorial Test Design

By Dan Martin

Responsible QA engineers know the importance of test data in the development towards an efficient test automation framework. Well managed test data in a framework is built around the strategy that there is high test coverage as a result. But, what if there are many test data inputs considered? 

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