Revolutionizing Quality through IoT Security

By Munish_Sharma

IoT (Internet of Things) is an exceptional analytics system and automation that uses big data, networking, sensing, and artificial intelligence technology to create extensive service-based applications or products. Such procedures help in better management, transparency, and performance when incorporated in any industry or process.

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Top 10 software development and test tips of 2020

By Meredith Courtemanche

Software developers and testers had to learn new ways to work in 2020. Despite disruptions from the outside world, software teams honed new skills, updated their work processes and researched tools that could improve software quality. These articles -- listed by topic from development and CI/CD, to testing and then supporting team initiatives -- are the 10 most popular expert tips from SearchSoftwareQuality in 2020.

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Strategies to Provide Relief to QA Experts

By Ray Parker

Better late than never. We might have seen the signboards with this phrase on the highways. But it’s true to use in our real-world day-to-day scenarios as well. Over speeding is always dangerous. And it’s true in the case of software development as well. Developers are always in a hurry of completing the software project and making the product ready to go live in the market.

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End-to-End Testing and What it Means for Telecoms

By Erik Fogg

End-to-end (E2E) testing refers to the testing of an entire application flow, from the beginning to the end of the user journey, as well as the entire application stack, from back-end code to the database, the front end, and the network itself.It is typically very user-oriented and is used to test that an entire application behaves correctly

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