Why Red Team Testing Rules the Cloud

By Ankit Tripathi

Red team testing is a key way to help prevent data breaches today. Most cyber defense focuses on spotting openings and fixing general risks in your environment. Red teaming not only reduces risks, but also prevents possible breaches.Methods, such as threat modeling, static analysis and dynamic testing, reduce the attack surface but do not eliminate risk. With red teaming, your team encounters real-life attacks in a safe scenario, making them more prepared for the threats to come.

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By Erik Fogg

The global eLearning industry has exploded in size within the past decade, and COVID-19 has only further accelerated the number of people that are now using eLearning solutions for their online education needs. The industry allows millions of students from around the globe to connect with other learners and tutors. The market is highly competitive, which means quality is imperative in eLearning products.

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Manual And Automation Testing; Find The Balance

By Ray Parker

The success of any digital product from the technical side is equally determined by the development efforts and quality assurance, as the latter is aimed that the released feature is working as expected. It contains following use case scenarios and inspecting the functionality under test for any potential bugs and flaws to discover them and forward to the dev team for further fixing.

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