How Can Automation Improve Software Testing?

By Anand Pandey

In the world of development, testing is considered a necessary evil and it is the first thing to be sacrificed when deadlines are knocking at the project manager’s door. However, without proper QA, applications are prone to failure, bad reviews, dissatisfied customers and ultimately bad marketing for the company. What is the middle line in this case? The answer lies in the difference between two approaches to software development, the classic waterfall and the modern agile. In the first approach, testing was done sequentially, at the end of predetermined stages and was performed manually, which took a considerable amount of time. 

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How To Assure Quality Of Big Data and Analytics Solutions?

By James Warner

As Big Data and Data Analytics are advancing faster into our lives with practical applications being built around them and organizations leveraging the power of Big Data, it is important to glance sideways at the crucial factor of the success of Big Data, or almost any other applications, Software Quality Assurance. The Recommendation, Prediction, and Decision systems have increased in popularity and have led to the demand for advancements and research in Big Data quality assurance space. There are a bunch of quality problems that lead to erroneous testing costs in the businesses and organizations.  

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Top Software Glitches and Growing Significance of Software Testing

By Hiren Tanna

Software glitch, system breakdown and data breach incidents have been threatening the brand value and survival of global enterprises. As a result, today organizations are building a much more proactive outlook towards security of enterprise applications and business-critical data. Gartner estimates that, "By 2020, 40 percent of all managed security service (MSS) contracts will be bundled with other security services and broader IT outsourcing (ITO) projects, up from 20 percent today."

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Why you should get on board with software testing trends

By Justin Rohrman

Will your organization design a machine learning app in 2018? Or should you pick up DevOps skills to be in demand as a tester? These trends will all have a major effect on software testing. As one year ends, we see predictions for what will be hot in technology in the coming year. Futurism -- with all the talk of flying cars and magical, AI-driven bug-finding -- sure is fun, but I want to talk about what is hot right now. Here are some software testing trends on an upswing. Learning about the most sought-after testing technologies can make you more valuable throughout the year, without any speculation or wishful thinking.

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Digital disruption: software testing with machine learning

By  Brian E. Thomas

The constant and high demands of our consumers require us to look at non-traditional methods to meet these demands. We must evolve, be agile, intuitive and produce greater benefits. When a new product or application needs to get to market quickly yet go through the needed rigorous testing before moving to market can be difficult meeting both quality and deployment. Typically, in software testing, we follow a series of checklists and parameters to ensure we cover every possible scenario that a consumer may encounter.

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Testing Matters because Quality Matters

By Trevor Atkins

In the course of crafting my contribution for Alexandra McPeak‘s follow-up article for / SmartBear Software‘s #WhyTestingMatters thread, “Expert Insight: Why Testing Matters“, I wrote the following article. Check out Alex’s first article, “Why Testing Matters“, as well for some current examples of quality challenges in the public eye. There are so many attributes/factors that contribute to a software system or product being “of quality” that typically you have only the resources to make a few stand out. Those that are emphasized become competitive differentiators – and part of your brand.

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