Advantages of Availing Cloud Mobile Application Testing Services

By Macs John

As the mobile devices are becoming smarter, developers are investing more time than usual in deploying applications that make our work easy. Organizations are attempting to get these mobile applications a slot in the huge Google Playstore, a market full of different kinds of applications, to keep up with their competition. But, before doing this, testing the application and that too speedily is crucial than ever. Therefore, testers face various challenges like swift development process for continuous testing, scattered teams across cities and countries, and so on.

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Agile testing in regulated industries

By Ryan Yackel

Last year, 49 percent of financial services organizations suffered a breach, according to the 2017 Thales Data Threat Report, Financial Edition. A fifth (21 percent) of organizations surveyed reported being breached more than once. And nine in ten respondents said they now feel more vulnerable to such incidents. Security breaches, played out time and again in other sectors such as health care and retail, have placed millions of people at identity theft risk and dealt major blows to the public image and balance sheet of large companies.

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Sample UI Test Automation Framework Design with Selenium Grid and Docker

By Anton Milanov

In today’s software development lifecycle, test automation frameworks are an essential part of the testing process. The ability to integrate within the build-test-deploy pipeline is mandatory and running the tests on a developer’s machine to confirm a failure or extend the test suite, should be done with minimum configuration. So, how do you assure the quality of complex distributed systems? Which are the key elements to speed up testing that Adaptive’s QA experts use? 

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Test Automation Strategy For Agile Projects

By Amir Ghahrai

Automated Testing is a core activity of any agile development methodology. As we move towards continuous deployment, test automation becomes ever more important due to the quick feedback response that it provides to the development team about the health of the application. In order to get this quick feedback, automated tests need to be executed continuously, should be fast and test results should be consistent and reliable. 

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