Continuous testing isn’t optional anymore

By Lisa Morgan

DevOps and CI/CD practices are maturing as organizations continue to shrink application delivery cycles. A common obstacle to meeting time-to-market goals is testing, either because it has not yet been integrated throughout the SDLC or certain types of testing are still being done late in the SDLC, such as performance testing and security testing.

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DevOps: Why shift left goes wrong

By Eran Kinsbruner

The shift-left approach helps development teams make software better and faster. So why hasn't it caught on - and how can you beat the barriers to success? Last year, “shift left” — the idea of automating and introducing a variety of activities earlier into the software build cycle — was one of the hottest topics in development.

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Why IoT Security Needs Something Like Crash Testing

By Brian Buntz

How would you feel about the prospect of purchasing a car that hadn’t been crash tested? Or about a vehicle that scored poorly in a crash test? In the case of the latter question, sales would likely crater. That happened in 1998, when the Austin Metro supermini automobile known as the Rover 100 fared poorly in a EuroNCAP crash test. Video footage of the test revealed a spectacular explosion of glass and severe crumpling of the front half of the vehicle upon a 30 mile per hour collision.

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Exploring the state of open source software testing

By Ivan Boyanov

Open source tools have revolutionised the software testing profession. Any tester working on web or mobile apps has at least researched—if not tried and adopted—Selenium, Appium, or a tool that builds upon them. And any testing tool vendor recognises that it must address – and try to surpass – the value of these free and esteemed tools in order to gain any traction in today’s highly competitive market.

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How to test mobile applications using a game emulator

By Amy Reichert

We could all use a little wiggle room in software testing budgets. Sometimes you've got to be creative to find it. Learn how a video game emulator can test mobile apps. Mobile device labs are expensive to buy and maintain, and daunting to manage. Alternatives are in order. In a mobile device lab, IT organizations must manage, secure and update the test units. To test properly, a lab should mimic how average users configure their mobile devices.

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Visual Testing of AR, VR, and MR in Research Focused Product Delivery

By Daniel Levy

Writing this in the midst of the pandemic and looking back to February, so much has changed. Watching her presentation, I could not help but think of the potential such technology might have in a world of social distancing. Imagine being able to shop from home while interacting with the product. Or, you might attend a virtual reality meeting in a shared room with your colleagues. These are just a few examples that Erica talks about in her presentation.

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