API Testing

API Testing is conducted by QA Valley to validate the accuracy of Application Programming Interfaces as independent procedure calls or as part of integration testing in which one application calls another through specialized software.

An Application Programming Interface (API) connects the application to the web and acts as a guaranteed contact between two separate components of software. In other words, API is a set of protocols, tools, and routines for building an application, which allows a machine to machine communication using industry standard languages or file formats. API Testing involves testing the APIs directly to know whether they meet expectations for functionality, reliability, security, and performance of the application. With the rise in Cloud and Mobile applications, API testing is a necessity for the software product.

Generally, applications have three separate layers – Presentation Layer (User Interface), Business Layer and Database Layer. API testing is performed at the most critical layer, the Business Layer where all the transactions between User Interface and Database Layer happen. In simple words, API is concerned about requests and responses between the client and the server. API testing ensures that the user gets the correct response from the application. Since APIs lack GUI, during API testing expert testers at QA Valley use tools such as Postman, Parasoft SOAtest, Eclipse SDK tool, Runscope, dotTEST, etc. to test APIs.

While selecting an appropriate API testing tool for the application, our expert testers understand which API technologies you will be using in the application. Over the years, APIs have evolved from simple code libraries to remote APIs. Some of the common API technologies that applications use today are Web Services such as SOAP (Simple Object Access Protocol) and REST (REpresentational State Transfer), Enterprise Java Beans (EJBS), and Microsoft DCOM (Distributed Component Object Model)/Active X DLLs.At QA Valley, API testing is automated using the latest available tools to check all of the security issues of the application.