Breadth Testing

Breadth Testing is conducted by QA Valley to confirm that all the functionality of a software product according to the requirements have been coded; as well as to validate its scalability, reliability, security and more.

Breadth Testing, also called Breadth-first Testing is a kind of Integration Testing that helps our team of software testers to verify the full functionality of the software product. Integration Testing can be done either in a Top-Down approach or Bottom-Up approach. In Top-Down approach, modules are integrated by moving downwards through the control hierarchy while in a Bottom-Up approach, the lowest-level modules are tested first followed by testing of higher-level modules. In Top-Down approach, Breadth Testing and Depth Testing are done simultaneously to test and validate the full functionality of the application. Both Breadth Testing and Depth Testing are equally significant to test a software product.

Though, both Breadth Testing and Depth Testing test the functionality of the software product, they differ with each other in the testing technique. In Breadth Testing technique, the features of the product are not tested in detail while Depth Testing concentrates on the detailed i.e. in-depth testing of the product. However, in both techniques functional as well as non-functional parameters are tested by testers at QA Valley. During integration testing, there are certain scenarios where Breadth Testing takes precedence over Depth Testing and sometimes, Breadth Testing is considered more important.

There are many testing techniques where our testers at QA Valley use both Breadth Testing and Depth Testing for various reasons. At times, there is not enough time to execute testing as there is a demand to launch the product soon. In such situations, the Sanity Testing technique is used, which is a part of Regression Testing. During this technique, Breadth testing is used to verify the functionality of the Quality Assurance Process, where a combination of Breadth Testing and Depth Testing is used. At QA Valley, both these testing techniques are automated using special software to speed up the testing process.