Component Testing

By applying Component Testing techniques, QA Valley is able to tests modules and objects independently to demonstrate that these are functionally complete and perform as elements of an integrated software system.

Component Testing is the first level of testing for executing test cases to check components of the software product. A component is a collection of interacting units of the software that is generally referred to as a module. In an object-oriented program, a component is a reusable building block of the program that can be combined with other components in a distributed network to form an application. Component Testing deals with these components or modules individually or in isolation from the remaining system. At QA Valley, each component of the application is tested by our expert testers to evaluate its performance in the application.

The process of Component Testing is done using Stubs and Drivers. Stubs are the dummy components that replace the partially developed component during the testing process. Drivers are the dummy or fake modules that call the component to be tested. For instance, consider the application has three components A, B and C. Assume component A has been developed but B and C have not yet been developed. The functionality of component A depends on B and C. To test component A, our testers replace component B and C with a stub and a driver.

For evaluating the performance of all the modules of the software product, Component Testing is a very accurate method, which can be done in various ways. Our expert testers segregate component purported for reuse and test their efficacy using different techniques. We authenticate and establish the correctness and reliability of various components of the application. We verify and validate the consistency, usability, and functioning of these components to ensure the proper functioning of the application. Component Testing is very useful to identify and correct errors quite early. Thus, it saves a lot of time and money of developers.