Configuration Testing

Configuration testing by QA Valley aims to test a system under development on machines which have various combinations of hardware and software by carefully prioritizing the testing of different configuration to make it manageable.

An application should work perfectly with multiple combinations of hardware and software. At QA Valley, our testing team finds out the optimal configurations that the application can work without any bugs or flaws. During configuration testing, an application is tested against each of the supported hardware and software configurations under which the application has been developed. Different hardware/software configurations attribute to multiple operating system platforms, CPUs, Browsers, Memory Requirements, Hard Disk Drive Types, Databases, Drivers, etc. Our testing team also verifies the application’s compatibility with other software/hardware.

There are basically two categories of configuration testing – Hardware and Software. At QA Valley, Hardware Configuration Testing is carried out in well-equipped labs having all the machines with varied hardware configuration. The testable version of the software is installed and tested on different machines. For Software Configuration Testing, QA Valley team installs a virtual system that consists of a virtual hard disk drive to simulate a real software configuration on a host machine. Our team tests different software configurations of the application on such a host machine to verify its software compatibility.

Configuration Testing is done both at client and server levels. The client level testing is performed from the perspective of a user’s interests while the server level testing inspects the interaction between the software and the external environment where it will be going to be integrated. At QA Valley, Configuration Testing is performed in a continuing, automated manner so that our team can identify and correct the factors that contribute to hardware/software incompatibly of the application quickly. Configuration Testing is very important for software developers to launch and sustain with high performing, multiple-configured applications for different hardware/software platforms.