Concurrency Testing

QA Valley undertakes concurrency testing to observe the behavior of an application when multiple users are logged in. Our QA experts monitor the performance of software while multiple users invoke the same actions at the same time.

Concurrency Testing, also known as Multi-user Testing is performed at QA Valley to evaluate and assess the concurrency quality of the software product. Concurrency refers to two or more events happening at the same time. During Concurrency Testing, our testers evaluate the performance of the application when multiple users are logged in at the same time and doing the same action. Concurrency Testing is used to detect problems arising out of multiple-usage, which mainly include response time, loading time, deadlocks and throughputs of the system. Concurrency Testing ensures the stability of the application in a multi-user environment.

Many techniques are followed by our expert testers at QA Valley to perform Concurrent Testing, which mainly includes Static Analysis, Code Checking, Random Analysis, and Fuzz Testing. During Static Analysis, our testers evaluate the entire coding structure before executing the program. Testers also check the embedded codes and their structure thoroughly. Random Testing increases the coverage area by randomizing test inputs. Fuzz Testing is a hit and trial technique used by our testers to enter a large amount of incorrect data by one or more users to find bugs in the system. To carry out Concurrent Testing, our testers follow a systematic, sequential approach to get better results.

With Concurrent Testing, the constraining access to shared resources can easily be identified and measured. Concurrency Testing identifies the effects of accessing the same database records and modules of the application at the same time concurrently by several users. It relatively reduces the amount of effort needed to test and debug the system. Concurrency Testing is very useful to improve the reliability and robustness of concurrent programs. In short, Concurrency Testing is an effective technique to identify and deal with issues like deadlock, application crashes, data corruption, and many such problems arising because of bugs in the concurrent programs.