Domain Testing

Domain testing is one of the most widely practiced testing techniques utilized by QA Valley to validate the functionality of software intended for specific audiences by restricting the QA cycles to only application specific test cases.

Domain testing ensures that the system accepts inputs within acceptable limits and does not accept invalid or out of range values. In this type, a large set of possible values for testing of an individual variable for a segment of the application is selected, subdivided in a way that they are equivalent and then testing is performed on a representative from each subset. It involves testing the application by providing a minimum number of inputs and evaluating the output. It also ensures that inputs, indices, and conditions that are not within the valid or specified limits are not accepted by the system.

This QA type involves partitioning the input values into small subsets because testing the application with infinite input values is impossible. So, the input values are divided into subsets or subdomains. Testing is done using values from each of the subdomains. Subdomains represent equivalence classes where two values are equivalent if they output the same test result. Valid Equivalence classes represent valid inputs and the Invalid equivalence class represents all other possible input values. Thus, the system is tested with valid and invalid inputs to ensure that the system delivers the required output for the respective inputs.

QA Valley domain testing experts have profound knowledge of the business domain that helps achieve remarkable testing of an application with precision. We have testers who have expert domain knowledge in the field of Travel, Transportation, Logistics, Banking, Capital Markets, Insurance, Manufacturing, and Distribution, etc. QA Valley domain testing teams understanding of the domain matches the industry standards. It helps in better coverage enabling early identification of defects and suggesting and implementing fixes thus resulting in faster and timely delivery of the tested products and achieving superior and exemplary customer satisfaction.