End-to-end Testing

QA Valley does End-to-End testing on a system to confirm whether the flow of the application from start to finish is behaving as expected, and that the navigation branches reaches all structures that are necessary for transaction completion.

End-to-end testing involves testing the complete flow of an application from start to finish as well as validating the integration of the product components with external interfaces like hardware, network, database, and other applications. The application is tested in real-world scenarios with real data and test environment to simulate real-time settings to ensure that the integrated components function as expected. This testing type identifies system dependencies and ensures that data integrity is maintained between various system components, interconnected sub-systems and applications and ensures that accurate information is transmitted between them.

End-to-end testing follows a set of processes, which involves a study of hardware and software requirements to ensure accurate analysis of the application. It involves describing all the relevant system and subsystem processes, followed by defining the roles and responsibilities. Testing methodology and standards to be used are defined along with designing of test cases and capturing of requirements in requirements traceability matrix (RTM). The final stage involves recording input and output data for each component of the system. Metrics used for End to End testing are Test Case preparation status, Weekly Test Progress, Defects Status & Details, Environment Availability, etc.

QA Valley expert teams test and validate the full system and subsystems of the application at all layers ensuring the correct behavior and full health of the application. The testing of the application across different systems and platforms ensures 100% confidence in the application for our customers. Rigorous Testing after every iteration and sprint by the QA Valley team promises a lesser chance of failure and risk in the future and quick adaptation to the changing business needs. QA Valley end to end tools includes Browser DevTools, JSON Viewer, Virtual Box, SQL Server Management, Studio Selenium IDE, QuerySurge, pgAdmin, Robo 3T, RabbitMQ, Xray and PICT.