Exploratory Testing

Exploratory testing is conducted by QA Valley as a free style approach to QA where testing steps such as learning, designing, executing, and reporting are performed at random and unplanned to blindly gauge the behavior of an application.

Exploratory testing involves discovery, investigation, and learning of the systems resulting in a simultaneous process of test planning, design, and execution. This testing approach is cognitively (thinking) structured as compared to the procedural structure of scripted testing. It is greatly based on creativity and intuition of the tester, making the tester an integral part of the test process and enabling the testing teams to keep pace with a driven and adaptive agile environment. Exploratory testing type not only tests the functionality and operations of the software but also identifies functional problems in parallel.

This type of testing relies on the tester’s skills and capability. It is also called a session-based test management cycle (SBTM cycle). Test cases are created on the fly by the tester. Steps include categorizing and analysing common types of faults found in similar previous projects and creating a test charter that suggests what to test, how it can be tested and what needs to be researched. Creating a Time box that allocates the time each tester spends on each activity helps in time management. After the defects are reviewed, evaluated and analysedthe results are compared with the expected outcome.

QA Valley exploratory testing is conducted by experts who get familiarized with the application rapidly using their knowledge, skill, and experience and perform planning, design, and execution of tests based on their intuition so as come up with a bug-free application. QA Valley exploratory testing does not limit our testers thought process to pre-determined documentation thus empowering them to take a more fluid approach to find problems quickly. Our testers come up with out of the box real-time test cases making QA Valley’s exploratory testing the best in the industry.