Fuzz Testing

QA Valley discovers errors and security loopholes in software using Fuzz testing by inputting massive amounts of random data in an attempt to uncover defects such as crashes that may not be uncovered using normal test cases and data.

Fuzz testing is an automated software testing technique that involves testing applications with invalid, random or unexpected input data. The application is then monitored for crashes, application bugs or memory leaks. The input data used in this technique is called Fuzz. This helps to discover errors in application code and security loopholes in software, operating system or network thus making the system less vulnerable. Fuzzers are automation tools used to generate large number structured valid, invalid and semi-valid inputs in short time. Fuzzers helps in vulnerabilities discovery involving buffer overflow, denial of service attacks, cross-site scripting, and SQL injection.

Identifying which part of the application to test is an integral part of fuzz testing. It could be external Interfaces like network, files or Internal ones like a function calling a convention or layers of software interfaces that your application could have. Fuzzing can be done on a large scale by using hundreds or thousands of machines in parallel or it could be executed by a single individual using a single machine. The behavior of the system is monitored, and bug reports are generated after the fuzzing which includes information such as test case, configuration, operating system used, etc.

QA Valley’s security risk detection provides comprehensive, versatile and automated black box fuzzer enables to discover security weakness in software applications. QA Valley uses the most popular fuzz automation testing tools such as Peach Fuzzing Platform, Radamsa(a flock of fuzzers), Microsoft SDL MiniFuzz File Fuzzer, Untidy -XML Fuzzer, Burp, etc which help to ensure the interoperability, robustness, quality, and security of software. QA Valley testing team’s experience and knowledge accumulated during years of performing manual audits and research in security vulnerabilities help to provide the best fuzz testing to our esteemed clients.