GUI Software Testing

GUI testing is performed by QA Valley to examine proper design usability of the interface, making sure that an application conforms to agreed interface specifications and demands minimum user intervention for transaction completion.

GUI testing involves testing an application’s user interface which is in the form of graphics that allows users to interact with devices through graphical icons and visual indicators instead of text. Graphical user Interface simplifies user interaction with the system. This testing is done to ensure the proper functionality of the GUI of the system and making sure that the GUI aspects conform to the system requirement specification. This testing involves checking various controls like menus, buttons, icons and all types of the toolbar, menu bar, dialog boxes, and windows.

GUI Testing can be done manually, using automation tools or by applying a model system. Manual GUI assessment involves manual inspection of the graphical user interface and recording the observations and carrying out tests based on business requirements. GUI Testing using automation tools requires Record and Replay of actions of the interface for the different components. During Record, test steps are captured by the automation tool and Replay allows the recorded test steps to be executed on the application under test. Model systems like charts and decision tables help in determining system behaviour under test by generating efficient test cases.

QA Valley team has qualified testing personnelwho have the skills and tools to enable automated UI testing for desktop, mobile and web applications. QA Valley provides a flawless customer experience by validating the visual components of the application. GUI automation tools used by QAValley include Ranorex Studio, RAPISE by Inflectr, Abbot Java GUI Test Framework, AutoIt UI testing, Cubic Test, and others.QA Valley’s object identification engine powered by AI, creative integrations and support for a multitude of testing frameworks allows for a stable and scalable UI test that is reliable even when the underlying code changes.