Keyword-Driven Testing

Keyword-driven testing is a type of manual or automated testing applied by QA Valley using data files containing the keywords related to the actions to be tested and confirms that the test execution enforces the behavior enlisted keywords. 

Keyword driven testing involves writing a script that uses a predefined set of keywords contained in a data file related to the application. Set of actions are defined by these keywords which will be required for performing specific tasks during test execution. Keywords define an entire sequence of operations that need to be performed such as keystrokes, mouse clicks and several others. Keyword testing can be both manual and automated. using keywords to describe test steps instead of natural language makes test cases easier to understand, to maintain and to automate.

In the early stages of development, the application is tested by creating functional tests and recording them. After recording, the test is modified and customized as per the requirement. Each keyword is linked to at least one command, test script or function which implements the action related to that keyword. Keywords are identified as the low level which is mostly the single step actions as well as high-level keywords which signifies a functionality as a whole and implemented as executable. Test cases and driver scripts are created, and automation test scripts are executed.

QA Valley supports the creation of keyword-driven tests through record and playback or by adding to existing keyword-driven tests. QAValley Keyword testing organizes tests into self-contained test modules with clear test objectives, tests are separated on a business level of the application from the Interaction level. QA Valley has a robust keyword library for keyword driven testing. Automation tools used by QA Valley include HP QTP, Selenium, TestComplete, Ranorex, TestArchitect, Robot Framework and several others. QA Valley Keyword Driven testing increases the application’s agility and saving customers a lot of money in the long run.