Localization testing

Localization testing is performed by QA Valley to assure that the products behaves according to the local culture or setting and customizes the software applications as per the targeted language and country focusing on UI and Content.

Localization refers to a zone or region or a geographical location. Localization testing is checking software products for their behaviour in accordance with the local culture, setting or language so that the application blends seamlessly into the native language and cultural landscape. The software applications are customized in accordance with the respective country and their language. Localization ensures that application accedes with the locale features and meets the needs and expectations of the local audience and users. UI and the content of the application is the priority in this type of testing.

Localization testing technique involves ensuring all necessary document, data and information are present before the execution of the test. Evaluation is done to identify the components and parts of the application that may require localization testing, it also includes understanding the localized culture, financial habits, and language so that the application is culturally and locally appropriate. The appearance and layout of the application are tested for any discrepancies or issues. Interactive text input for different locales, Font, Date, Currency, numeric values, licenses, product names, currency conversions, and others are checked.

QA Valley offers exemplary localization testing services which allow the application to be flawless and accessible to the target markets all over the world. Localized test plans are created based on the project needs, cultural and regional nuances, making sure that the application has a native language in any region before going global.QA Valley localization also includesautomation tools like SilkTest, PhraseApp, SDL Trados Studio, Plunet, XTRF, GlobalSight and Transifex which helpsto accelerate the testing process thereby reducing time to market considerably and reaching out to the world-class audience swiftly.