Loop Testing

Loop Testing is a flavor of white box testing implemented by QA Valley to focus on validating the loop constructs of a system, and is a subset of Control Structure Testing such as path testing, condition testing, and other structures.

A loop is a structure or a series or a process, a control flow statement for specifying iteration. In terms of computer programming, it is a sequence of instructions that is incessantly repeated until and unless a fixed condition is reached.It involves implies testing of the loop constructs of a program in an application so that any discrepancies in the flow of the code such as initialization, repetition or capacity/ bottleneck issues can found and rectified. It checks the flow of the loop path along with the data flow and condition constructs of all the loops involved.

Simple loops involve skipping the first iteration, then making one pass through the loop followed by another pass. This process is repeated for x number of times where x is greater than n and n is the maximum number of passes. Finally n, n+1, n-1 passes are evaluated. For nested loops first, the innermost loops are checked, followed by the immediate outer loop and then other outer loops in series. This process is continued until we arrive at the outermost loop. Concatenated loops are tested for simple or nested scenarios. Loops can also be unstructured where the design is restructured for testing.

QA Valley loop testing automation tools include SILOP (Simple Loop Pattern), which automatically generates simple loop patterns and determines the simple loop pattern reliably and RANOREX for multiple iterations,helping to increase test coverage and test description making it possible to quickly create and execute clear, intuitive tests.QA Valley loop testing experts catch the hiccups in the loops right at the beginning which helps to expose bugs at the earliest revealing critical performance issues. QA Valley’s structured approach results in fast, incremental improvement of the application and ultimately led to responsive and scalable application and customer satisfaction.