QA Tools Installation & Training

QA tools installation and training are a service offered by QA Valley through which we offer finely tuned support and training customized to meet your needs. we identify a software tool that is project specific or according.

At QA Valley, we carryout tools installation and training in a comprehensive way to create special tools that can be modified during a project because it is evident from our experiences and research that every software production project regardless of its level of complexity must include a tool provision activity where no single quality assurance tool has been standardized to carry out universal functions. By ensuring adequate training and round the clock support, clients can use various software products from QA Valley and run their own software applications with minimum technical assistance.

QA Valley will assist its clients in identifying and selecting the most appropriate tool that fits the client’s requirement bearing in mind various factors such as cost, user interface and value creation. We also assist in tools installation by offering onsite technical assistance and provide a training framework to the client to ensure that these tools are effectively used. Successful software tool installation is critical to any client trying out a software for the first time or generally whenever a software needs to be updated. Different methods to perform manual installer testing are used to ensure smooth transition from software developers to software users.

Training is an ongoing process at QA Valley as we strive to keep up with the rapidly changing tech environment. By engaging us clients will be able to experience seamless operations and reduce the time required to successfully implement a new application into action. We not only assist you with the installation and set-up of the software, we also offer Training on the use and features of the software and offer On-going support on using the software. We are also available for any upgrading and consultancy work that you may require regarding your business needs.