QA Maturity Assessment

QA maturity assessment is a service type offered by QA Valley that enables our QA experts to analyze and establish the level of maturity that the client has attained in the execution of their software quality assurance testing practices.

Maturity assessment process starts with providing an independent and objective assessment of the client’s testing maturity by identifying the testing processes that needs to be improved and implementing best-practices by and benchmarking against best-in-breed quality standards. We deploy the right tools and frameworks to achieve the highest test maturity, leading to streamlined QA processes and efficiencies. Progress is tracked, new test related tools and technology for adaptation are evaluated to facilitate tech transfer. we engage our clients in every step of the assessment process and they are informed of all possible outcomes.

By ascertaining a client’s QA practices, we can qualify whether the client has instituted QA Practices sufficiently or according to industry standards and if not, we identify the gaps that hinders these practices from being implemented. To guarantee high quality code for all applications, we evaluate and recommend improvements to the QA delivery process where our main objective is to formulate a roadmap to assist the client to migrate from their existing QA practices to practice with QA Valley. We take clients on a step by step induction on QA Valleys resources, best practices and models go give them a complete view of what to expect in terms of value addition and overall return on investment.

QA Valley’s maturity assessment testing service is an exclusive combination of best-in-class technical approaches and procedures. With the application developing from one release to the next, this approach permits us to recognize obstructed functionalities efficiently. The Testing maturity model aids QA teams to strike a fine stability between test selection and fault exposure by controlling testing activities in a manner that diminishes the risk of defect leakage into production. Apart from offering quality assessment services, we are also available for training and consultancy on expert advice on how to implement improvement activities on an ongoing basis.